Everybody Loves Raymond with my eyes closed

Everybody Loves RaymondI was on a flight last night and my eyes hurt, but I couldn’t resist trying the fancy new on-demand video system on the plane.

So I found an episode of ‘Everybody Loves Raymond’, started it up and promptly fell asleep.

What surprised me is that I woke up a few minutes later during a laugh-track crescendo, and started to listen to the show with my eyes closed. It was hilarious.

There were a few moments where it was clear something visually funny was going on, but I was too tired to bother looking. The show was plenty funny without the video.

I’m pretty sure that the reverse wouldn’t be true. Audiobooks from TV shows, it’s a start!

I could completely visualize the characters, right down to the expressions on Robert’s face. When the show was over, I tried to do the same thing with another tv show, some episodes of CSI.

But I fell asleep for real with that one. Of course, I don’t like CSI anyway.

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