Listening to TV Shows

tv showsAbout 15 years ago when I first started listening to audiobooks, I quickly went through my local library’s selection and found myself forced to listen to all sorts of dreck.

The area I lived in (Ithaca, NY) didn’t have a local audiobook store.

Listening to one particularly horrid collection of short stories, I found myself thinking about TV shows in audiobook format.

At the time, Cheers was a hit show on TV and was heavily dialogue-based. I imagined that a pure audio track from that show would still be fun to listen to. If I had already seen the show, so much the better.

With well-known characters, it would be easy to visualize the scenes regardless.

Recently I tested the approach and taped the audio for an episode of Seinfeld. Listening to it later in my car, sure enough, I enjoyed it immensely.

It seems like this would be a good area for audiobook publishers to get into. I suppose someone here should look into it as well.

I’m not sure how many shows this would work for. Certainly, I think I’d enjoy “Everybody Loves Raymond“. It would be too complicated trying to listen to “West Wing” or “CSI”.

I’m just writing about this here on the off chance that someday this sort of audiobook becomes a popular phenomenon.

So in case you, dear reader, are reading this ten years or so from now and TV track audiobooks are a big thing, it was MY idea. Erect a statue or something. At least a plaque…

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