Love and Gelato Audiobook Review

love and gelatoHi everybody, a couple of days ago I downloaded “Love and Gelato” audiobook by Jenna Evans Welch for free from this website and here’s my honest review:

This is a purely adolescent story, easy, uncomplicated, and written in fairly simple language.

Don’t expect much intrigue either. I literally immediately guessed what kind of secret the mother of the main character was keeping, and Lina’s numerous research efforts to penetrate this very secret were often illogical and unnecessary. It might have been easier if she’d read a little faster, or if she’d just decided to talk to her guardian earlier.

However, without all these adventures, Lina would not have enough time and opportunities to be charmed by a good guy who always supported her and was ready to do a lot for her. So I would have pined for a handsome model appearance (and completely empty inside).

What is the book about?

italyRaised by a single mother, a young American woman who did not know her father, after the death of the only close person is invited to Italy – to visit an old friend of her mother. She doesn’t know anything about this man, and his role in her mother’s fate is not entirely clear. He acts as if he considers Lina his daughter, and clearly wants the girl to stay with him, but does not push her.

Lina is tormented by the question of why her mother never told about her father and did not try to introduce them. He seemed like a really nice person, so why weren’t they happy together? She will get answers to all her questions largely thanks to her mother’s old diary, which accidentally fell into her hands, as well as thanks to her own research. And in parallel, he will realize the simple truths and find true love.

The solution will be simple. As I said, there will be almost no intrigues, but the book is very summer, light, permeated with love for Italy and the people who inhabit it, Italian architecture, Italian cuisine.

Extremely simple, but at the end quite delicious. And I wanted ice cream, Yes)))

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