Where do Audiobook Listeners Come From?

thinkingI did internet research last week to see where people got their audiobooks. The results were a bit surprising.

I expected that most of the audiobook listeners would previously have been a) online, and b) paying for their audiobooks.

Much to my surprise, I found that the single largest source of audiobook listeners is from the Library system. Libraries and retail bookstores (Barnes and Noble) each account for about 35% of total audiobook listeners.

Some websites report that their customer base has twice as many former library users as former retail purchasers. And internet-based rental and sale were distant runners-up.

I’m still trying to figure out what this means. Are library users more dissatisfied with their source? Or are they such voracious listeners that they’re always looking for more?

Regardless, it would appear that audiobook websites should be targetting library users to get them to add audiobook subscriptions to their portfolio.

Trouble is there’s no easy way to get to them other than standing in the library, skulking behind the audiobook carousels. A dilemma.

2 Comments on “Where do Audiobook Listeners Come From?

  1. I have listened to audiobooks my whole life and started collecting them as a teenager. My parents used to put a story tape on for us out in the hall when we were trying to get to sleep – there were 6 of us – so I grew up loving them.

    Now many of my tapes are getting worn out and I am switching to CD and mp3 versions. I have exhausted the supply of audiobooks available from my favorite authors from the library, and Canadian bookstores do not carry a good variety of audiobooks.

    I must say that your supply is adequate, but has a ways to go with some authors. You do carry Agatha Christie though, which is more than some sites do. I don’t understand though why her books are not for sale to download anywhere. She is one of my favorite authors, and I have yet to find a legal way to download her books.

  2. Audiobooks have probably saved my mind and kept me from being a menace to society due to road rage.

    These books can work better than coffee for getting down the road. Listen to 5 or 6 CDs and before you know it your 8 hours down the highway. Truck drivers listen to that darn C.B. radio and get mad at the stupidity that is coming across the airwaves

    I rarely turn mine on due to this fact and am grateful for an alternative. I have worn out the collection in two libraries and I’m fast going through selections.

    I hope you all plug in a book, get in that right lane and relax.

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